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30th December 2004, 02:28 PM
by Pegasus (aka Thomas Kruse : kruse -at- universitas-virtualis -dot- org)

Want to jump back in time? You know the "good old days"? Want them back? It's possible, even with LINUX. This essay will describe the way to install an Amiga Emulator on Fedora Core 3 (Heidelberg) and be able to play the "old" games, programming Motorola 680x0 Assembler or simply have a look at the demoscene files from RedSector, World of Wonders ...

The Amiga wasn't my first Computer. But in 1985 - yeah, 20 years ago! - it was an amazing machine. 4096 colours (oops, it was enough at that time) and many disks to handle. Today this "box" would get a place inside a computer museum. In addition to this, i have enough monitors and keyboards on my desk. But we have FC3. Thats enough, because FC3 is able to emulate my Amiga...

What you need
For our installation, we need several software to get our emulator running:

-> Amiga Rom file (Version 3.1)
This file is needed to be able to run our emulator. It contains the Basic Amiga OS. It's filesize is 512KB. This file is copyright protected by Amiga INC. ( See also FAQ "What is this kick.rom and how do i get it?" )

-> Workbench 3.1 Disk
The basic Amiga OS is not enough to install our harddrive emulator version. The workbench is - like the kick.rom file - copyright protected.

-> "Amiga in a box" package
This package contain a prefedined configuration, which also implement harddrive support. It uses a predefined harddrive workbench installation with several addons.
It is available here: http://aiab.emuunlim.com/ ( direct link to version 10c: http://aiab.emuunlim.com/aiab.tar.gz )

-> Emulator software
The Amiga was based on a Motorola 680x0 prozessor. In case of that, we need an emulator in order to get our software running. I've tested several emulators, finaly i've had success with the following one: http://www.rcdrummond.net/uae/ ( direct link to version 0.8.27RC2: http://www.rcdrummond.net/uae/e-uae-0.8.27-RC2/e-uae-0.8.27-RC2-x86-glibc23.tar.bz2 )
You should also download the README file, it contains keyboard shortcuts for handling our emulator: http://www.rcdrummond.net/uae/e-uae-0.8.27-RC2/README

Installation is very easy - if you know the right way! I needed several attempts to get it running. And one of the biggest problem where different .uaerc files, stored in different locations. To avoid this bugs, here is the correct way:

- extract the file aiab.tar.gz to your home-directory
This will create a folder "uae" in your home-directory. And there is also the hidden file .uaerc

- extract the file e-uae-0.8.27-RC2-x86-glibc23.tar.bz2 to your home-directory
This will create a folder "e-uae-0.8.27-RC2-x86-glibc23" in your home-directory. Inside this directory, there is the file "uae". Copy this file to "/home/[your username]/uae" (the folder created by extracting the aiab package). DO NOT RUN THE FILE NOW!
If you need transrom (see kick.rom file), copy this application from "e-uae-0.8.27-RC2-x86-glibc23/amiga" to disk.
Now DELETE the folder "e-uae-0.8.27-RC2-x86-glibc23"!

- store your kick.rom
This file has to be stored to "/home/[your username]/uae/Roms". Name it "Kick.rom"!

- the workbench disks
We need only one disk: Workbench 3.1. It must be available in ADF (Amiga Disk Format). (see also FAQ "Could i use my original Amiga disks in a PC-floppy drive?" ). To avoid chaos on your linux machine, create the folder "/home/[your username]/uae/Disks/Workbench" and copy your ADF's of your Workbench disk(s) here. (see also FAQ "What the heck is Workbench?")

- the last check
Be sure there is NO file ".uaerc" in "/home/[your username]"! Otherwise, the installation fail.

- fire up uae
The "E-UAE control" appears. If we made all things correct, then:
-> in tab "Hard Disks" three entries are visible (DH0 to DH2)
-> in tab "Memory" the "Kickstart Rom File" is named "Roms/Kick.Rom"
... now press the "Pause" button to start the emulator ...

- installing AIAB
After starting our emulator the first time, the predefined aiab installation will be finished. We need the workbench 3.1 ADF to finish it. If you're prompted, that the disk is needed, switch back to "E-UAE control":
-> open tab "Floppy disks"
-> press "Insert" button for "DF0:"
-> select the workbench adf
The system will notice the inserted disk. It will continue automaticaly and throw out the disk, if not longer used. Stay patient, the installation will take a while...

- several tricks
-> prompted display "uaegfx: 800x600 15/16 bits" is NOT available in the list! Choose "uaegfx: 800x600 32 Bit RGBA" instead
-> do NOT enable CD-Rom usage! It wont work correct

If you're done with installation, your emulator will look like the attachment ;) For fullscreen mode, simply press "F12+S" while running the emulator. Use "F12+S" agan to jump back to windowed mode. See the named README file from E-UAE for more details.

- modify the .uaerc file
There are several obsolete and unknown entries inside this file. Comment them by using "#". These Entries are:


Final Words
I've noticed, that toggling the screen resolution of emulator might crash the emulator. It seems to run, but AIAB is gone and instead the emulator only prompt "WorkScreen". Simply restart the emulator to take effect on changed screen resolution.
The screen resolution is changed in this way:
-> run emulator
-> select "Workbench"
-> select "Prefs"
-> select "ScreenMode"
The list of possible screen resolutions appear. Select the one you want and press "Save" button.

Yes, i know it: It is possible to get the "Kick.rom" and "Wbench31.ADF" files by searching them via google. But remember: it's not the LEGAL way.

This section contain questions, which where frequently asked. It explain also some "not well" known words for linux gurus.

What is this kick.rom and how do i get it?
As told, this file is copyright protected by Amiga INC. We have two ways to get a LEGAL copy of it:

-> Solution 01: We own an Amiga
We need to store the rom data on a disk. The following way describes the workflow to read out the rom data by using transrom ( if you don't have transrom, no panic; this software is stored inside the emualtor package file in folder "amiga" ):

- open the command line interface (CLI) on your Amiga and change to folder, where transrom is stored:

CLI> protect transrom rwed
CLI> transrom >RAM:kick.rom

First line will make the transron file executable. The second one creates the kick.rom file inside your Ramdisk. Copy this file to disk and your done.
For more information, see also: http://ale.emuunlim.com/get-kick-rom.htm

-> Solution 02: We DO NOT own an Amiga
To get a LEGAL copy of kick.rom, you can order it from Cloanto Amiga Forever homepage (REF [4])

What the heck is Workbench?
The Amiga Workbench is a software package that provides a graphical environment. Similar to Linux. The Workbench contains six disks:

- Install
- Fonts
- Extras
- Storage
- Locale
- Workbench (needed for final AIAB installation!)

All other disks are already stored in the predefined AIAB installation. The last disk is needed to check, if you own these disks (kind of copyright check)

Could i use my original Amiga disks in a PC-floppy drive?
The answer is here: http://ale.emuunlim.com/make-adf.htm

Where do i get more Amiga-Software?
One of the biggest resource is http://www.back2roots.org
And, of course, http://www.google.com is allways your friend ;)

Where do i find more answers?
Have a look at the following references.

[1] JayBee's AIAB Project http://aiab.emuunlim.com/
[2] Used Amiga Emulator http://www.rcdrummond.net/uae/
[3] Official UAE Homepage http://www.freiburg.linux.de/~uae/
[4] Cloanto Amiga Forever http://www.amigaforever.com/
[5] Unix UAE FAQ http://www.pcguru.plus.com/linux_uae_faq.html
[6] Unix UAE Manual http://www.pcguru.plus.com/uae_manual/main.html
[7] Back2Roots http://www.back2roots.org
[8] Amiga Legal Emulation Help Page http://ale.emuunlim.com/