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29th December 2004, 10:53 PM
the YDL forum appears to be weak.

here what i am facing and what i am trying.

i installed YDL on a ibook P1 tangerine g3 300. upon specifying the packages to be installed i included on admin tools and gnome desktop enviroment.

even though my yum works, i cant run some apps such as mozilla becuase i did not install the graphical internet packages. i also cant use the command system-config-packages to add packages.

so basically im trying find a way to get these packages installed on the machine. i dont know if there is a yum command for adding these packages, or what i can do to get the system to run an add packages program off my cds.

any ideas?

30th December 2004, 12:56 AM
system-config-packages is a Fedora concept, unless YDL has copied it.

yum install mozilla should work, but it does not install a bunch of things at once. You may want to check out the groupinstall option in the yum man page.

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30th December 2004, 02:06 AM
if only it was that easy Jman. My yum is ok as is, and i did download mozilla using it, but when i launch mozilla, nothing happenns at all. i believe this is due to the fact that my installation was less than 800mb and had basically as little as possible to run. as of now, i have internet connectivity, but no means of opening mozilla browser.

ill try the group install.

is there any way i can look and see what packages are installed when you choose the graphical internet option? that way i can yum or apt them one by one.