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29th December 2004, 06:50 PM
I recently built my own PC. A first for me. Its something I've always wanted to do. After a lot of research and quite a bit of soul searching I decided on a AMD Sempron 2800+. Its akin to the Intel's Celeron processor. Why the soul searching? Well, because one can be swept away by all the figures out there. Certainly I would have liked a top of the line CPU with all the bells and whitles. A $400 video card and a $200 sound card to go along with it would be nice too. But in reality, it would be a machine that would not be used to it fullest pontiental. In other words, over kill for what I would be using it for. Thus the reason for my decision to go with the Spempron 2800+ as opposed to the XP model or an Intel P4. And I haven't regretted it.

Now for the reason for my post. I did a dmseg to see the boot up messages. And I saw this listed:

...Detected 1199.234 MHz processor.

And further below this:

..... CPU clock speed is 1198.0644 MHz.
..... host bus clock speed is 199.0774 MHz.

The AMD Sempron 2800+ is rated to be a 2GHz processor. Now I'm wondering what clock speed this processor really is. Am I reading this information correctly? Or is there another way to check on the true processor speed?

When I stop and think on the matter I come to the conclusion that is really doesn't matter. I've got it installed and running and I'm certainly not going to tear it down and return it. So what am I to do? Just use it. After all I quit pleased with it's performance. But I am curious to know the answer. Any input from the forum?

29th December 2004, 07:07 PM
You need to check the motherboard's documentation. There will be a jumper setting on the motherboard or a BIOS setting you will need to change to get the full use of your new chip. (FSB, "Front Side Bus") needs to be set to 333 Mhz as seen here:

a couple of article I read from here:
suggest that the sempron 2800+ actually runs at a 2 ghz clock speed.

Why only 2 ghz when it's called a "2800"????? Good question.

It's marketing. AMD says that that chip is as fast as a Intel Celeron "2800" (which only really runs at about 2.2 ghz). Confused? yeah so am I.

All of todays "speed numbers" are loosely based on their performance relative to the older Pentium 3 chipsets. So yes, if you compared your sempron to a 400 MHZ pentium chip, the Centron would be 7 times faster. But is still only runs at a clock speed that is 5 times faster.

It's because of optimizations in the chip design and manufacturing. (more registers, smaller "form factor", etc, etc, etc.).

Hope that helped.

30th December 2004, 12:13 AM
I'm well aware of AMD's marketing efforts. I've never liked it. Its confusing to the average user. But then I heard Intel is doing away with using clock speed in their marketing eforts as well. How is one to determine what the speed of a processor is? Be that as it may, I will have to deleve in to this and get the best preformance I can. Like a kid on Christmas day, I feel good just putting my PC together and getting it up and runing. But I will have to break down and look into my mobo owner's guide. Still, that doesn't answer the question I've posted. Just how do I determine what speed my processor is running at? Thanks.

30th December 2004, 06:20 AM
james_in_denver, thanks for the links. They will come in handy. Although I*ve got the PC up and running my digging and tweaking aren*t done yet. Many questions to be asked and many answers to seek. Your assistance will certainly help.

Yes, I*ve been sleeping with the mobo user*s guide. I*ve just started looking into my CPU.


30th December 2004, 08:06 AM
After all I quit pleased with it's performanceThat's what AMD is all about. Intel is known and well market product but if you do a search you will find out that AMD is "product of the year". It beats intel in many benchmarks and with the AMD 64 intel has come a little short in the competition.

30th December 2004, 05:30 PM
I've been reading the mobo user's guide and I'm confused. Accessing the Bios I can see that the FSB speed is set at 100. The users guide refers to the pin setting option to chage this. But, and this is where the confusion comes in, I am given three options for the CPU frequency settings: 100MHZ (which is default), 133MHz, 166MHZ and 200MHZ. So where is the 333MHz CPU speed setting? I'm confused. A gentle shove in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

30th December 2004, 06:03 PM
After doing some googling and reading the mobo's user's guide, this bit of information. I think I'm getting close.

ECS KT600-A mother board - FSB: 400/333/266/200 MHz
Jumper setting for CPU Frequency: 200MHz/166MHz/133MHz/100MHz

With the pin setting available to me being 100MHz, 133MHz, 166MHz and 200MHz and compairing them to the FSB options on the ECS KT600-A I think I see a pattern. I believe my choice should be 133MHz if I want the FSB set for 333MHz. I can see that the default option of 100 FSB is for 200 MHZ if I double it. The same for the second option of 133MHz. Doubling it would set the FSB for 266MHz. I follow the same logic for the fourth jumper setting of 200 for the 400MHz FSB. Doubling the third setting and it comes up 332HMz. Close. That would seem to be the logical one to pick. But before I do that I would like some confirmation I'm heading in the right direction. Thanks.

Just came back from some more googling. This from a review on the ECS KT600-A mobo:

"...The manual is misleading for the FSB jumper setting but if you just think about it you can figure out that you just need to double the numbers in the chart for the newer CPU's..."

Looks like I've got it figured out. Many thanks.