View Full Version : CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_MANY_PORTS is not set

28th December 2004, 05:44 PM
I used to use redhat 9 and quatech 8 port serial cards.

I am trying to get FC3 to run with the serial cards.

I looks like the kernel has CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_MANY_PORTS set to no.

Is this overlooked? Why is it disabled? What steps should be take to correctly
enable it based on the current kernels configuration. If I have to recompile the
kernel I dont want to have to select every option. I just want to take the present
kernels config and add multiport serial back in.



28th June 2007, 07:47 PM
i have the same problem but in FC6. :(
But there is hope. Quatech puts out
drivers for their cards, you can download
them from their site in tar format. Once
you untar them you will find a README file
that walks you through how to get the card
running on your computer. Its a kinda of a
pain in the butt it works.