View Full Version : POP3 and IMAP doesnt work after upgrade to Fedora C3

26th December 2004, 01:44 AM
Hi all and Merry Christmas!

I was able to successfully upgrade my RH8 to Fedora C3 today. After testing
the installation, everything seems to be working except for email services.

More specifically POP3 and IMAP does not work anymore. When I try to retrieve
my mails using Outlook, I get the following message:

An error occurred with POP3 mail server. Mail server my.domain.us responded:

And with Squirrelmail, I'm now getting the following error message:

ERROR: Connection dropped by imap-server.

Both services are running:

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2486/xinetd
tcp 0 0* LISTEN 2486/xinetd

Since both services are running, it's obvious Fedora changed some configurations. I've been messing with it now for couple of hours trying to figure it out but to no avail.

BTW, both services are from the imap package installed with Fedora:
[root@amed pam.d]# rpm -qf /etc/xinetd.d/ipop3
[root@amed pam.d]# rpm -qf /etc/xinetd.d/imap

Please help. If you have any suggestion or recommendation, please share.


26th December 2004, 03:41 AM
Enough is enough. Dang, I'm getting a headache! :D

After an hour or two trying to get the the imap-2001a-15 to work and without any sign of success, I've finally given up. I was hoping to get it to work since it was loaded by Fedora but for some reason, I can't figure out, it just won't work.

Now, finally, I've decided to uninstall that bastard and installed dovecot-0.99.11-1.FC3.4 instead. It's
rather funny that dovecot was not installed in the first place. Anyway, once dovecot was installed, I've immediately modified /etc/dovecot.conf and inserted pop3 and pop3s for protocol. Then soon after that, I've started dovetail with "/sbin/service dovecot start".

I've then checked my mails with Thunderbird and they all started coming in. Squirrelmail is now also working.

I'm not sure why the IMAP package that was installed by Fedora didnt' work but I'm too tired to find out why. Perhaps someone else has ran into and found a solution. Otherwise, if dovecot is what it takes for my mail services to work again, so be it.


26th December 2004, 04:54 PM
Upgrades don't work too well. suggest you do a clean install of FC3.

27th December 2004, 03:29 AM

Hope this helps :)


6th February 2005, 04:21 AM
I had the same problem, broken authentication links etc..
All i did to fix was rpm -e dovecot
once done, yum install dovecot
service dovecot start

All fixed *shrugs*


27th April 2005, 01:40 AM
I had the same problem when I just upgraded RH9 to FC3.

I liked the IMAP setup I had and don't have time right now to research how to use DOVECOT or the entire CYRUS-IMAP mess.
This should get you up and running again.

27th April 2005, 02:02 AM

There are updated imap packages available for FC3 at: