View Full Version : How to get your fingerprint reader working ALL the time

6th March 2015, 08:52 AM
Short Answer:

After enrolling one of fingerprints using the Gnome settings manager (Users>Fingerprint Login), enroll ALL of your other fingers (yes, the other four on one hand and five on the other) using fprintd-enroll -f <name of finger here>.


This will mean that instead of 5 samples to compare against (as would be the case if you had just enrolled the one finger as allowed using the Gnome settings manager), the "Password Authentication Module for Fingerprint Authentication" will have 50 samples to compare against, thus increasing the chance of a successful match (who cares if the sample matched doesn't belong to the finger you had just swiped?)

Unfortunately, since Gnome doesn't ever want to allow users to enroll more than one fingerprint using the Settings GUI (as I found out in a rather terse response to a bug I filed), and since there are no settings for increasing the allowable error of the scanned fingerprint, this will be the only way of making fingerprint scanning more reliable for quite some time.

6th March 2015, 12:55 PM
Hello Again,

I've found the reason for the latest fingerprint authentication troubles are due to (mysterious) issues with version 0.6.0 of fprintd, fprintd-pam and libfprint. Until they are fixed, I have, and I would recommend others to downgrade to version 0.5.1 of each.

Good Day.