View Full Version : F20 Baloo (file indexing) causing kernel crashes?

4th January 2015, 08:23 PM
I run Fedora (F20 with latest updates) with KDE on my desktop PC seven days a week, usually for more than eight hours per session. Starting several months ago I began experiencing a daily kernel crash. The crash occurs at a seemingly random time during my session. ABRT pops up an error message. The most common messages are: 1. unable to handle kernel paging request and 2. unable to handle kernel null pointer. ABRT also says that it can't report my crash because my kernel is tainted. (I use the RPMFusion nvidia driver).

Prior to the daily kernel crash which I've been experiencing during the past several months, I've run Fedora with KDE since 2006 without experiencing a kernel crash.

Two weeks ago I disabled Baloo file-indexing. During these past two weeks I have not experienced a kernel crash. I have not used stack traces, core dumps, or any other debugging tool to more definitively establish that Baloo is responsible for the crashes. I use the default Baloo configuration. Most of my user data files are not in /home, rather they are in a custom partition mounted as /documents.

Does anyone have any commnets or suggestions, such as whether I should try reporting the problem. If not, I will leave Baloo file indexing disabled and will upgrade to F21.

5th January 2015, 12:01 AM
Baloo, nepomuk, and akonadi; three things I automatically disable when I install a KDE system.