View Full Version : samba in fedora 21?

23rd December 2014, 11:11 PM
I am used to using samba in Fedora 20 and earlier to print from an HP p2035 printer attached to a computer on my local network running Windows 7.

In setting up the same printer in a new compter running Fedora 21, the setup process didn't seem to use samba. I'm not even sure I had samba running originally, but it got installed in one of many attempts to get the printer working. I eventually found that I could print from applications such as firefox and gedit after entering my user's password on the windows machine, but I still can't print a test page. I think I can't print a test page since the windows server, what ever it is, is requesting a password, but there is no way to entr one when printing a test print.

I don't know if I needed samba originally or even if it was running.

Moreover, I can access my files on the remote windows computer by mounting my directories on that comppter on my fedora 21 system. I don't think that uses samba, but I am not sure about the matter,

Can anyone tell me about the place of samba under Fedora 21?