View Full Version : Fedora 21 methods to improve Evince PDF fonts display

Yonggui Chen
22nd December 2014, 04:45 AM
Problem: Evince use default system fonts Type1 fonts, when view pdf file using Helvetic fonts, it automaticly replaced by Nimbus, fonts is small and blured and distorted.
techniques to solve:
1. install msttcorefonts, which can be found in rpmfind.net rpm for fedora 21, in x86 or x86-64 package.
clear fonts can be seen in pdf files. but you should first install freetype-freeworld from rpmfusion which may violate Microsoft patent for truetype font subpixel, you should know that. but msttcorefonts is open sourced by Microsoft Corp. free to use.
2. system fonts smooth and subpixel may be set by install gnome-tweak-tool, on LED screen, set anti-alias on slight, set subpixel on rgba. then you get clear fonts display.

it's a great move that adobe and google open sourced Source fonts or noto fonts in 2014, which are high quality fonts with hinting, but no patent-free fonts engine to render them in linux, clear and smooth display still not perfectly utilized in all linux distros.