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25th November 2014, 10:59 PM
Fedora 20/Mate x86_64

It's been awhile since I used the function, but I remember that when I dropped a file or folder onto a blank cd/dvd, it used to display a header that had a button to write folder/file to the disk much like the trash folder displays a header with a button to empty the trash when something is dropped into that trash folder.

Now I don't get that header when drag/dropping a file/folder onto a blank cd and must open up brasero to burn the file/folder to the disk.

This happens with caja or nautilus.

If my memory is correct and It is the correct operation, I think I might have deleted a lib file or something.

I searched both the Fedora web site and the MATE web site for information on CD/DVD Creator, but found nothing: I was hoping to find out it's dependencies but it doesn't seem to be an independent app/utility. Or the name of the app gives no clue to finding it in the cli. Or maybe it's built into the file managers.

Is my memory correct, and if so, does anybody have a clue to the problem? Is it a bug? Could it be a MATE problem or Desktop setting? I've had strange effects from broken/wrong settings, so Im not excluding the possibilty.

Thanks for any help,

Ernie D

26th November 2014, 12:26 AM
Here is an alternative solution if you do not resolve your problem.

Install k3b* (useful for kde, mate, gnome)
when you start k3b, you will be able to do the drag and drop.

In fact, you can even point k3b to an iso image and perform a iso to DVD copy, making a bootable DVD. (I now usually don't bother with DVDs, as I create a bootable flash drive).

K3b is great.

26th November 2014, 03:19 AM
Thanks lsatenstein,

I tried installing k3b but it doesn't do what I hoped it would do. What you are suggesting with an ISO, I could do with brasero.

I still can't drag/drop a file onto a blank disk and directly/immediatly write the files to the CD with a single click of the button like I believe I previously could.

Also, when I start up the k3b app, it tells me that it cannot write mp3 files to audio disk because the K3b MAD MP3 decoder plugin is missing and I don't see it in any repository I have.

I'll also inquire in the MATE forum to see if I can track down the actual app/library that CD/DVD Creator uses to do the direct writing to the optical disk.

Thanks for you suggestion, though.

Ernie D