View Full Version : smtp fails claws mail to verizon.net

15th August 2014, 09:23 PM
I can receive from verizon.net but cannot send. I reviewed my smtp setting per verizon.net. seemed to be correct.

fedora 19 claws mail 3.9.3.

Here is the log

* Account 'myid@verizon.net': Connecting to POP3 server: pop.verizon.net:995...
* Account 'myidu@verizon.net': Connecting to SMTP server: smtp.verizon.net:465...
[16:17:46] SMTP< 220 vms173023pub.verizon.net -- Server ESMTP (Sun Java(tm) System Messaging Server 7u2-7.02 32bit (built Apr 16 2009))
[16:17:46] ESMTP> EHLO dsl.verizon.net
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250-vms173023pub.verizon.net
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250-8BITMIME
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250-PIPELINING
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250-CHUNKING
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250-DSN
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250-HELP
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250-XLOOP 80E3E78D42E6EE2FDAB2C28EB1AA64CD
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250-AUTH=LOGIN PLAIN
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250-ETRN
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250-NO-SOLICITING
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 250 SIZE 20971520
[16:17:46] ESMTP> AUTH CRAM-MD5
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 334 PDE4OTYwNDkzNjMuMTU2MjUwMjFAdm1zMTczMDIzPg==
[16:17:46] ESMTP< [Decoded: <1896049363.15625021@vms173023>]
[16:17:46] ESMTP> [Encoded: robert_janku@verizon.net 0195ab96afa1f6fdadee782e8a3e4559]
[16:17:46] ESMTP> cm9iZXJ0X2phbmt1QHZlcml6b24ubmV0IDAxOTVhYjk2YWZhMW Y2ZmRhZGVlNzgyZThhM2U0NTU5
[16:17:46] ESMTP< 500 5.7.0 Unknown AUTH error -1 (Internal authentication error).
** error occurred on SMTP session
*** Error occurred while sending the message:
500 5.7.0 Unknown AUTH error -1 (Internal authentication error).
** Session timed out. You may be able to recover by increasing the timeout value in Preferences/Other/Miscellaneous.

19th August 2014, 08:12 PM
On August 8th I experienced the same problem. In order to get it to work, the following change was made to the account configuration: “Send / Authentication method” was changed from “Automatic” to “PLAIN”. However, I do not fully understand the security implications of this change, or why it worked - it was kind of a random grasping at straws. Today I also experienced claws-mail hanging and grabbing all the CPU - never happened before - had to kill and restart it.