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20th April 2014, 05:31 PM
Hello everyone, this is my first post in the forum and just like others, I was driven here by the need for a solution to my problem.

I have had a 'sour' experience with the graphics in Fedora 19 KDE 64bit.
Details: I have installed F19KDE on a dozen workstations, almost on each computer that had an onboard GPU, I've had problems. Could be Intel/AMD, it did not matter, as long as it is on board the problem will arise.

That is with the "default" fedora drivers.

By problems I mean this (all at random times/intervals/workstations but with onboard VGA):
- while working, the X server will crash (not much help in the log) and the user will be met with the fedora login screen, losing all his unsaved work...
- while working, the graphics of the windows will become corrupted and 'transparent' or black. the user for example will open the fedora/kickoff menu and he will only see the border/glow/shadow without any contents whatsoever. solution? relog... (restart X)

I tried OpenGL 1, 2, 3, XRender, Raster, Native, all the combinations to no avail.

The only viable solution was to simply disable Desktop Effects (what a bummer)
and select XRender with Native.

On a specific workstation I even tried to download and install the Catalyst Drivers from both AMD and RPMFusion. Not a great success, I had then another strange problem. Once I logged in and the KDE desktop loaded and my desktop background appeared, the X server CPU usage went through the roof making the computer unresponsive, unless I logged in remotely from SSH and terminated the session...

That was when I had more than 4GB or RAM installed. I tried to boot with 4GB, it worked, I installed 8GB, it did the high cpu usage problem... Tried that on two identical in hardware workstations and both behaved the same way, so it was not faulty hardware.

Anyway, 2-3 months have passed since my last attempt so I cannot confirm that this is happening with the latest kernel / packages.

Just thought I'd share my experiences and perhaps get some feedback.
Thank you and sorry for the long post.