View Full Version : Netgear FA511 PCMCIA very slow!

15th December 2004, 06:04 PM
I'm a new user of Fedora core 3 and I have a problem with the network card (Netgear FA511) that I'm using on my laptop Toshiba Satellite 1670CDS.

The card is working and I can connect to the internet and download at high speed (my xDSL limit ~300K) but when I use it on my local LAN its extremely slow.
I connect to the VSFTP server from another computor and gets 2-3K/s..
What's wrong?

The system recognizes the card as "Linksys 21x4 DEC-Tulip" in the graphical networking configuration. The only thing I have found searching the web is to try the Tulip-thing but that was regarding early Redhat versions I believe.

Thanks in advance.
Regards Kent