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13th January 2014, 06:18 AM

This is a pure command-line installation script I put together to Install my flavour of packages, tool, and fine-tuning enhancements for the latest fedora version. The most simple way to get it and use it, on a fresh installation, open a terminal and run this command:

curl http://d250.hu/scripts/install-workstation.sh > install.sh \
&& bash install.sh

It will create a /temp directory [by default] do some backups, and ask questions what categories to install. It can update itself, so I will maintain this script at it's URL, but to have an idea how it looks, well, like this:

Root privileges needed to run this script. Trying with sudo.
This is the workstation installer for Fedora 20.
Started with user: x
## D250 Laboratories ./install-workstation.sh @ 2014.01.15-06:34:38
This is the latest original release of the script
=== Confirmation for 20 commands. [Ctrl-C to abort] ===

A local backcup of the /home and /etc folders could be created in /temp
just in case it might come handy.
create a local backup? [Y/n] yes

The rpmfusion repo contains most of the packages
that are needed on a proper workstation, to use proprietary software
such as mp3 codecs. Recommended on a workstation.
add rpmfusion? [Y/n] yes

Run a yum update to update all packages?
update? [Y/n] yes

Enable the ssh service, and let users log in via shell.
enable ssh? [y/N] no

By default users can use the up and down arrow keys
to see their command history. This can be replaced
by a set of commands used frequently.
limit bash history to specific commands? [y/N] no

Gnome is the default Desktop enviroment,
but you might run another spin. It has some options for customization
install and finetune gnome desktop? [Y/n] yes

User x can be enabled to be logged in automatically,
without requesting a password when the system is started.
set autologin for first user? [y/N] no

There are some basic tools in a proper workstation,
such a system monitoring tools, or the Disks tool,
exfat support, gkrellm, filezilla, extra vnc clients, brasero, zip, rar
install basic system tools? [Y/n] yes

Google chrome, Flash player, java support is also part
of a a proper desktop workstation,
even though its propreitary software.
install browsers? [y/N] no

Lightweight desktops with some traditional look
might come handy on a less powerful computer.
XFCE and LXDE are such Desktop enviroments.
install alternative lightweight desktops? [y/N] no

Libre office is a proper Office suite,
and this will install also the Community version of Kingsoft Wps-Office
a MS office clone with high compatibilty to the MS formats.
install office? [Y/n] yes

Inkscape is powerful vector graphic editor.
Darktable can process RAW photos.
Gimp is a GNU Image manipulation progran.
Blender is for 3D, Dia is a diagram editor.
install graphics tools? [Y/n] yes

Amarok is a cool media player,
and VLC has also some unique features. Mixxx isfor Dj's
install media players? [Y/n] yes

Edit videos with Kdenlive, sound files with Audacity,
compose soundtracks with Ardour,..
install media editors? [y/N] no

Software development tools are for programmers and hackers.
install devtools? [y/N] no

SElinux enhances secutrity by default, but sometimes
hard to understand error messages waste your time,
especially when selinux is preventing a hack.
disable selinux? [y/N] no

Dropbox is a popular file sharing service.
install dropbox? [y/N] no

Mumble is a useful free VOIP program,
pidgin is a multiprotocol chat client.
install chattools? [Y/n] yes

Skype is bought by MS, however a lot of people use it,
and it might be need to stay connected.
Currently, the installation process will ask for the root password.
install skype? [y/N] no

Install the propietary nVidia graphic driver,
and replace the opensurce driver.
This installs the akmod package for more recent cards.
install nvidia driver? [y/N] no
=== Running the Que of 9 commands. ===

This is free software - as in free speech - so feel free to customize it according to your needs.

There are probably some bugs and issues, so this is the forum for it! .) ...