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13th August 2013, 05:44 PM

I know absolutely nothing about linux. I have managed to install fedora for a customer (their request) on a 500GB WD black drive. They also have windows 8 Pro on a 2TB drive and want me to get grub to give them the option to boot either OS. I have followed every guide I can seem to find and without searching through the forums here was hoping someone could help (either by telling me what to do, or pointing me to a thread that has this issue solved already). Here is the issue.

500gb fedora drive = sata 0
2TB windows 8 drive = sata 1

From grub command line i can type 'chainloader (hd0,<tab>' and i get a list of all the linux partitions. However, when i type in 'chainloader (hd1,<tab>' nothing happens at all. So i boot into fedora and install gparted. Check that and see 500gb drive is sda and 2tb is sdb. Select sdb and i can see the 4 windows 8 partitions. sdb1=300mb recovery partition fs=ntfs. sdb2=100mb boot partition fs=fat32. sdb3=unknown fs=unknown. And sdb4=1.8TB system partition fs=ntfs. Went through the guides i found on the ubuntu forum for mounting the windows boot partition and installing grub to it. terminal said it succeeded. When i try to add a line to the grub.cfg file this is what i am told to add:

menuentry 'Windows 8 Professional' {
set root=(hd1,2)
chainloader +1

When i reboot i see the windows 8 professional entry on the screen but when i select it i get "hd1,2" does not exist.

Anyone able to help me get this dual boot scenario working?


13th August 2013, 07:39 PM
The system is probably booting Windows 8 in EFI mode. It's unclear whether your Linux (and GRUB) installation is in EFI mode or in BIOS mode, but in either case, if Windows is in EFI mode, the GRUB configuration you've described is for chainloading a BIOS-mode OS, and so will not work. How to fix this depends on the current state (EFI vs. BIOS) of each of your OSes. For a cleaner diagnosis, please run the Boot Info Script (http://sourceforge.net/projects/bootinfoscript/) on the computer and post the RESULTS.txt file that it generates, either as a link or between code tags. Do not post the file without code tags.