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Shadow Skill
9th December 2004, 12:01 PM
So often we remark on the rather massive amounts of crapware that permeates the windows operating system including of course Windows itself. :P I think it is important to point out a positive experience with a windows based software....

I just purchased one piece of software I can truly say is excellent and worthy of praise despite it being a bit overpriced Anapod explorer not only performs its most important function [managing my music collection and importing it to my Ipod.] it performs it very well, much better than Itunes, Xplay,[which is simillar to Anapod except its a much weaker program.] and all of the other freeware I have tried using with my Ipod. It even allows me to copy my music from my Ipod over to my harddrive for backup purposes which is great since I managed to break my computer's Itunes database while experimenting with a back up method. It even allows me to keep both the files on my desktop and Ipod in perfect sync with each other by making sure all of the songs on both drives match. Now on to perhaps the best features of Anapod:

1. A streaming daemon that allows you to pipe your music into the player of your choice without the need for any extra plugins for the software you use, assuming it has native support for http streaming. [I use winamp in windows which has an excellent Ipod plugin capable of syncing with the Ipod if you want to turn winamp into a total Itunes replacement.]

2. A streaming Daemon that allows you to stream your music to another machine through a browser based interface, kind of like when you access a router. [According to the developers it "requires" IE to be installed to work but I plan on trying it in Linux with my laptop just to see if I might get lucky.]

Now for the things I do not like:

1. The fact that it uses IE as the gui..mainly do to a near reflexive hatred of IE itself more than anything else. :)
2. The fact that it does not apparently include any native cd ripping tools despite it being able to transcode files into the various supported playback formats except AIFF I think. I personally prefer an all in one solution for this sort of thing especially when one also has to deal with database tags.
3. It can be alittle cumbersome at times since it is relying on IE as the front end instead of having its own front end like Itunes or even Ephod which present a somewhat "cleaner" interface.

I would like to see a built in cd ripping utility and a cleaner interface in general. [No more IE front end damn it!] The introduction of tabs would be nice since the web browser look is a good idea. Tabs would also make things alittle less cumbersome [tabs can make almost anything better. :P] Lastly of course I would love to see a linux client made available straight from the developers.

10th December 2004, 01:57 AM
Not all Windows software is bad. One that people often recommend, even if they don't usually support Windows, is Partion Magic.

Why not try that web frontend in Firefox? It's available for Windows too. :)

Looks like a decent piece of Windows software.

Shadow Skill
10th December 2004, 04:28 AM
The web frontend for the streamer does work when I am using Linux and of course firefox. :D [It works with the windows build too just fine. Apparently only the core part of the program the explorer needs IE to work.] Now all I need is to get my aac files to play with totem or rhythmbox since xmms apparently doesn't support streaming.....

10th December 2004, 06:53 AM
XMMS will act as a streaming client, but no, it's not a server. It does exactly what it's supposed to do: play media files.

10th December 2004, 07:22 AM
The only reason I have my computer set up to dual boot with Windows is so I can use PlexTools!

Shadow Skill
11th December 2004, 11:06 PM
Well according to the developers they don't have any plans for Linux clients of their software which is really a shame. Also because of windows shell integration [which is one of the main pulls of this software since the file browser is very familliar to windows users.] they don't have a way to integrate their software with Firefox without an entire rewrite I suspect...sigh. :(

23rd December 2004, 04:20 PM
A piece of software I love for windows that I sorely miss is DVDProfiler (http://www.intervocative.com/dvdpro/Info.aspx). It's a piece of software that archives your DVD's for you so you can keep track of them, who has them, what you have watched or not etc. You add a dvd by just typing in the small ISBN tag on the back of the dvd... it then connects to the database updated by the users (usually dvd's are there by about midday day of release) and downloads all the info and covers etc. You can run searches by actors/directors/genre/etc and run reports and such on them too, such as a savings report how much you have saved doing a total RRP - total paid... interesting stuff. You can also upload them to a rather good interface for people to view online (example (http://www.intervocative.com/DVDCollection.aspx/PhilD))... think it cost me about $9.99 or something like that, but the free version is the same with a ad banner i believe.

I'd love for them to port to linux, but apparently they aren't planning to any time soon. Or even if I could find something relatively similar.

Shadow Skill
23rd December 2004, 11:13 PM
Sounds cool Phil, just goes to show that good software regardless of OS brings joy to the user. :)

29th December 2004, 04:51 AM
Good or bad, many years of data accumulated from Word and Excel, can easily be converted to OpenOffice equivalents. PROBLEM..... Not all documents created with OpenOffice, or even converted, modified, and sent back to the sender are reverse compatible.
As good as Gnucash is, it just doesn't feel as comfortable, especially after years of using it, as Quicken.
TurboTax, or any of the equivalent tas prep software is ALL written for Windows.
Solution..... NeTraverse Win4Lin. With that, I can keep my rock solid, and nearly impervious Fedora Core, and still use those Windows based applications. All for about $90 us. And, since installing Win4Lin, and then loading Win98SE and all my Windows based stuff, Windows hasn't even sneezed.
And I hate Windows. It has to be the stability of the Fedora platform, and the Win4Lin application that stabilized Win98.
Linux vobiscum, et cum source-code tuo!!!

29th December 2004, 05:13 AM
Not all Windows software is bad. One that people often recommend, even if they don't usually support Windows, is Partion Magic.

Funny you should mention it... i just F*cked my partition with that piece of crap software!
I used because i was (stupid, of course!) in a hurry and it was a small detail, but my Windows O.S. just doesn't work anymore... Come to think of it... it's not that bad :)

All you guys out there... use Acronis Partition Expert instead! Partition Magic screwed me loads of partitions!

29th December 2004, 06:20 AM
Is there an equivalent of Abobe Photoshop CS in the GNU/Linux world ??

Just wondering GIMP is good but have not used it as much as A Photoshop

29th December 2004, 06:41 AM
I think you can use Photoshop in Wine. I've seen it somewhere, but don't remember where... sorry.

29th December 2004, 08:17 PM
CrossOver office (a commercialized version of Wine) will run Photoshop 7 (and quite possibly other versions).

29th December 2004, 08:26 PM
I tried CrossOver Office, and for the money, I think it was better spent on NeTraverse Win4Lin. The restriction to Win95,98,ME could be a problem, if the only licensed ver of Windows you have is newer than that. As yet, Win4Lin cannot handle NT, 2000, or XP. But, it works much better, in my opinion, than CrossOver Office, because you have the complete os running on the linux platform, mine is FC2, and any application software you install thinks that it is running on Windows.