View Full Version : Slow performance in Fedora 18

2nd July 2013, 04:51 PM
I just installed Fedora 18 and noticed that OS performance and internet speed was really slow. I am also running Ubuntu 12.10, Xubuntu 13, and Win7 on this machine and performance is very good.

I switched to Gnome 2 Classic and it seems to have made a big improvement. Internet still seems a little slow compared to other OSs. Should I disable ip6 like some articles say? Is there a root cause of the slow performance?

I was also thinking of removing and installing Fedora 17 but others report having the same issue with 17 and I would perfer to be on the current version.

Gareth Jones
2nd July 2013, 05:35 PM
You could try F19 (just released today) if you’re looking at other versions and want to be current. F17 will be no-longer-supported in a month (only the two most recent are supported, with a 1-month overlap when the three most recent are supported whilst people upgrade).

As for speed, my guess is that you’re graphics driver isn’t up to full GNOME 3 standard mode, and it’s using the software driver (LLVMpipe). See System Settings->Details->Graphics->Driver.

If you’re using LLVMpipe, the best bet is to stick with Classic Mode (F18) or switch to MATE (GNOME 2 fork) or Xfce in F19 (or even KDE).