View Full Version : F18 Optimus SLI Secure-boot

24th June 2013, 06:18 PM
I feel that i need to share this information, since there where no real information on this problem.
At least not in the same context ;)

Computer : Lenovo Y500 ideapad with i7 3630QM CPU and 2 x nvidia 650M SLI with Optimus.


Getting nvidia to work or at least stop using power, turned out to be a real problem.

The good old way did not work (leighs guide)
Then the bumblebee tour started for me, over and over again .... to a point where i did a shameful post somewhere in here :C

All the atempts did give me a few clues, that all came together when i read about F18 support of secure boot.

I had this error from bumblebee "Required key is missing" or similar (hint 1)
Then another time i got the message "dedicated card will always be on" (hint 2)

So no way to run prop. nvidia drivers, nor the bumblebee-nvidia stuff, and no way to turn off the nvidia cards .....

Until i read that the secure boot support of F18, would prevent 3rd party modules from being loaded by the kernel ..... like nvidia module, and VirtualBox .....

The hints and this information made me conclude that,
i dont have Intel graphics, but i have 2 x nvidia 650M cards, so no way to turn of my nvidia card (feels logic lol)
And the prop. nvidia drivers would not load ..... since the F18 secure boot support prevented that.

So the beautiful solution to it all is :

mokutil --disable-validation

You are asked for a one time password, when you reboot you are asked for that password, and secure boot is turned off in F18, and not in the BIOS.

Then i could just install nvidia drivers, akmod and kmod, since they do all the rest of the configuration needed.
(no dracut or move initramfs stuff)

Now nvidia sli even with optimus, and VirtualBox runs without problems !!