View Full Version : Fedora hangs at boot after updating kernel

27th May 2013, 06:58 PM
If you update fedora kernel and fedora hangs at boot, you need to do the following.
1/ Restart your machine
2/ Boot in an older kernel version that worked previously
3/ Press Ctr+Alt+F4
4/ Login as root at the terminal command prompt
5/ Type init 3 and press Enter
6/ Open the xorg.conf file. It's in the "/etc/X11/" folder
7/ Scroll down to the "Section Device" and replace the driver name on the "driver" line with a generic driver name called "vesa"
8/ save the xorg.conf file
9/ reboot
Once you reboot your machine, go online and download the latest video driver. Then, repeat steps 1 - 5. Go to the folder where you downloaded the video driver and install it. Reboot your linux box and you are back in bussiness.