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8th December 2004, 01:07 PM
Hi All

I've been using Fedora cores for about ten months, and I love it. Actually I've changed the whole plattform of my office on a combination of FC's and RH's. I'm 100% windows free there. :D

Now I wanted to have it @ home too, so I've spent the whole weekend trying to figure it out and just couldn't.

I have a Abit AN7 with Sil3112 and a couple of Hitachi SATA's. First, I tested the disks with the "hardware" and software raid, and there is not too much of a difference in performance, the "hardware" one is a slightly faster. But you have to deal with those drive letters all over the disks.

I wanted to share both drives with software RAID in linux and winxp. Then I've found that Win Dynamic disks and Linux don't like each other. So after, lots of hours and testing with every partition utility in the planet, I gave up to that config.

Grabbed a WD800JB I use to make backups and got into the system, repartitioned so I could have half disks for FC at the beginning of the disks and the rest in a Fat32 for backup and exchange data between OS's. The Raid will be used by WinXP in hardware mode.

So I finally got winxp running, installed the other disk, and installed FC3. Everything cool, but (there is always a BUT) when I boot Grub can start FC but windows not. If a disabled the third disk on the bios, I can boot windows, if I enable it I can boot FC thru grub. But I can't boot win from there.

Manually checking grub looks ok, doing a root ( -TAB- shows both disks hd0=FC3/BackupFat32 and hd1 which I assume is the /dev/sda. But when I select the WinXP in the menu it shows the commands rootnoverify and chainloader +1 and stays there.

Tried diff thinds with no success, even removed grub and installed Lilo, but now it gets stuck on "LI"

Any ideas?