View Full Version : F18 i3-wm and virtual machine manager

17th March 2013, 06:41 PM
im running F18 and kde4, but i decided to install and run i3-wm version 4.4, everything is great, i can connect with virsh to qemu://system, only thing i cannot start "virtual machine manager", when i try to start from dmenu "virt-manager" is says that:

Unable to connect to libvirt.
authentication failed: polkit\56retains_authorization_after_challenge=1
Authorization requires authentication but no agent is available

any idea how to solve this problem...please!

i think i should post this in diferente place...im sorry about that, next time i'll do better.

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ok, after readink "man polkit" which excelent explained, i edited part in "/usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.libvirt.unix.policy " which require user passwd, so, insted


i changed 'auth_admin' to "yes"

and it works, i can start in i3-wm virtual machine from dmenu.