View Full Version : A tip of the hat to Dies ...

16th March 2013, 12:51 AM
... We don't see him a whole lot these days. I suspect he may have become the victim of having a real life, but he's always been a sharp cookie with an eye toward simple but functional solutions.

And whereas he didn't actually provide me with another piece in the puzzle of getting e16 themed up like I want it, his post on fixing a gtk.css problem in Firefox (no scroll buttons) led me to the solution I was looking for.

The crux of my problem was inconsistency in scrollbars etc. between four otherwise similar e16 installs. One F18, one F17, and two F16 installs. Three of these had, at one time, seen functioning Gnome 3 desktops. (actually, I think they may still be there, but I haven't looked in a while. Some of the things I've done may have seriously borked them. And I just don't really care enough to go log into them to find out.) And whereas those all were set up (themed) the same way with Midnight Oil, obviously they had all the baggage Adwaita brings with it.

The problem was, one of them was respecting and using my older chunks of themeing, and the rest weren't. Particularly gtk2.0 window controls and buttons. That's remained a thorn in my foot for a while now.

Long story short, the trick is to replace the default gtk2.0 folder in the /usr/share/themes/adwaita folder. Then (and only then) it will start to respect my choices.

Seriously, as linux users first, fedora users second, and "other" desktop users third ... I really am surprised we're still putting up with all this stuff!

Bottom line here, though ... thanks, Dies.