View Full Version : Fixing external USB ext3 drive UID mismatch

12th March 2013, 09:14 PM
For various reasons, I must work on several different Linux machines at different locations, and have installed various versions of Fedora on all of them. My main storage device that I use on all of these systems is an external USB 500G drive formatted in ext3.

Been working like this for many years now, 'till I just upgraded one of my machines to F17. Suddenly, I couldn't access my external drive on this machine. I'm no sysadmin, so I wasted a lot of time, but eventually realized that the UID number in Fedora changed from 500 to 1000 some time ago (F16) . This was preventing me from accessing my external drive, due to lack of permission.

Eventually found this solution posted by DBenton in the F16 developers thread (which is now closed), but it is much more general than that!

bit the bullet on my F16 install and did a chown on all the files on my drives to change the user to 1000 instead of 500. Just took a few minutes to change it on 8 2TB drives.

I just did this on each drive:

chown -R --from=500:500 1000:1000 *

That solved my problem, and it only took five minutes to run through my 150GB of data. Thanks, DBenton!

(Now, when I get back to my other, pre-F16 machines, I'll need to add a new user with UID = 1000.)