View Full Version : jackd causing kde hang up??

8th March 2013, 12:39 PM
So first off. I have a working jack server that has 90% of sound working (excluding system sounds and pulse for now) I have it set up so the code below executes on kde startup

jackd -Rv -d alsa
Now the weird bit is. that on a cold boot or restart kde hangs indefinitely on the loading screen, the hd flashes as if its working on something but doesnt get to desktop. BUT if I Ctrl,Alt,Backspace to get to the login screen (i have auto login set up but even when not i get the same outcome on first instance)
and login again i get to the desktop no problem, jacks running etc etc.................

Im at a loose end where to look now for a solution and although its not too much of a problem parse id like to find the cause.