View Full Version : F18 - Gnome3/Empathy online status stuck

1st February 2013, 06:23 PM
Just rebooted my machine because Gnome3/Empathy online status was stuck - can't change it from either the panel on the top right or from empathy itself. Worked for a few minutes and now it's stuck again. Googling I come up empty - obviously telepathy and mission-control5 figure into all of this but they don't have any way to query their status.

Anyone else seeing this? Any fixes/workarounds?

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I think I figured out at least in part of what was going on. My online accounts include gmail. By changing the gmail status in the web app I find the gnome status changes. I think the way forward may be the two part authentication stuff which (I think) allows you to separately maintain status on a per client basis?