View Full Version : Axe Menu on Fedora 18/Gnome 3.6.2

28th January 2013, 06:30 PM
I really love the Axe Menu extension and it took a while to get it working on Fedora 18. I thought I'd post the instructions here. I'm pretty much still a noob even though I've been using Fedora since version 8 so I hope I'm not posting something too trivial.

I didn't really figure this out myself. I just read through some of the comments on the extension's page and found out how to get it work. I still see a lot of requests to get this working on F18 so I thought this may help.

1. Download the Gnome 3.7 port of the extension:

wget http://rishi.fedorapeople.org/axemenu-gnome-shell.tar.gz

2. Extract the contents.

tar xvzf axemenu-gnome-shell.tar.gz

3. (Most of you will probably know this already). Go to the axemenu@wheezy directory and edit metadata.json.

gedit axemenu@wheezy/metadata.json

Change the file so that line 2 reads the following (or you could just append 3.6.2 to the list):

"shell-version": ["3.6.2"],

You can now enable the extension but there is a problem. If you open any directory through Axe Menu, clicking the menu again will open the directory again making the menu unusable. To fix this, open extension.js

gedit axemenu@wheezy/extension.js

and comment out line 156 so that it reads:

//return true

Finally move the axemenu@wheezy directory to your local extensions directory:

mv axemenu@wheezy ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

You should now be able to open and use the extension using the tweak tool. Apparently there are still some problems with this on 3.6 (I haven't noticed any yet. One of the comments says so).