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18th January 2013, 11:14 AM
For those who interested in making ISO containing Fedora18 with Mate Desktop.

First i will describe what i have done in preparing this ISO. I have done all the work in working Fedora17 machine.

You require livecd-tools, spin-kickstarts packages installed.

Downloaded netinst.iso for Fedora18(32bit). In virtual-box booted through it and selected mate as desktop, (Did not selected any add-ins). Allowed it to complete.

Logged-in and got list of packages by running
"rpm -qa --qf '%{name}\n' | sort -n > matepackages.list.

Edit fedora-live-desktop.ks (lying at usr/share/spin-kickstarts/) file by inserting actual include files such as fedora-live-base.ks. Remove all packages & groups under % packages and copy contents of matepackages.list under % packages. You may require few extra packages such as anaconda, nss-mdns, etc but don't worry. I have enclosed my f18mate.txt at the end of article. Save file as mate.ks in /home/user_name/iso directory.

Now in terminal be root and turn-off selinux by setenforce 0. Check it by getenforce.

Now run command as root.

livecd-creator -v --config=/home/user_name/iso/mate.ks --cache=/home/user_name/iso/ --fslabel=F18matei686

This will download all packages (for future use, you can keep downloaded packages) and will create iso. I have checked created iso in virtualbox. it boots successfully.

This iso is mate desktop as installed with netinst.iso. I have not made any change except to make it live bootable.

I have enclosed f18mate.txt file. Download it and rename as mate.ks.

Hope somebody enjoy this.