View Full Version : funny X behavior on F18-TC3

23rd December 2012, 02:22 AM
I am trying to get my feet wet with F18 (on Final TC3 now).

I'm making (slow) progress, learning how to do things I want
to be able to do, but I've hit a block and could use help.

When I start off with a GUI login at an older linux machine
and then ssh to an F17 partition on another machine, I can
successfully do "X" things, whether simple (xclock) or hard
(emacs), and as expected the display shows up back on that
older machine (not a Fedora system at all, by the way).

However, when I try the same thing but going to an F18-TC3
partition (on the same remote machine) I can only do simple
things (e.g. xclock). When I try more complex things I get
a crash message. For instance, on the remote machine if I
say "date > deleteme" and then "emacs deleteme" it crashes.

So, has anybody seen this sort of behavior?

If not, which is what I am guessing, can anybody suggest a
way I can debug this problem? (Since it happens both with
emacs and a Python/GTK application I want to be able to run,
I am guessing it has absolutely nothing to do with whatever
application I happen to be trying to run.)

But whether it's a bug or just some infrastructure change I
need to learn how to cope with, I haven't a clue.