View Full Version : Cannot install printers

20th November 2012, 10:59 AM
Anyone have problems installing printers?
I cannot install any printer since I get errors about cups. I use KDE and if I go to KDE system settings, printers and I click on "add new printer" it asks username and password (root) then it says "cups-deviced exeution failed".
If I try to open in a browser I can see cups homepage, but when I try to go into any menu (printers, jobs, admin) cups server shows a page with a generic "not found"...
If I check cups service it says is running:

# systemctl list-units | grep cups
cups.path loaded active waiting CUPS Printer Service Spool
cups.service loaded active running CUPS Printing Service
cups.socket loaded active running CUPS Printing Service Sockets

Any idea?

20th November 2012, 07:25 PM
I had to open a terminal window and sign in as root user (su -), then run system-config-printer as root user to be able to add a printer.

Using sudo or running it as an admin user wouldn't work to initially add the printer.

But my last install of F18, I still couldn't get a printer added correctly. system-config-printer would hang when I went to change the printer driver. There was an update to system-config-printer a few days ago, but I haven't tired adding a printer since the update, so maybae that issue was fixed.

21st November 2012, 05:13 PM
Well, I realized what the problem is...

A few days ago I gave an erroneous command from cli: instead of 'chmod -R 777 usr/' I did 'chmod -R 777 /usr' :doh::doh:
I soon realize the error and stopped the command with ctrl-c, but seems for some files was too late.

I had to reinstall filesystem, cups, cups-libs to have print system working: now I just power on the printer and it gets installed automatically. (I had some more issues with other things and I had to reinstall some other packages, but seems my system is stable again now).