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11th November 2012, 11:52 PM
The following howto is due to Andre Honsberg. It was taken from his website: www/andrehonsberg.com. Although you can pull it up just like I did with an appropriate search, I have transcribed it here (with a few corrections) for two reasons: (1) he might not continue his web pages indefinitely (2) with the howto here, the appropriate keywords will allow users of the forum to easily find it.

With Fedora 16, the method used to get vnc working is not the same as it used to be. First of all, do not bother to use the "Remote Desktop" or "Desktop Sharing" entry in one of the menus. It won't help. The following things should be done on any machine running Fedora 16. Andre states that it will also work with Fedora 15. Not being able to run F15, I will just take his word for it. I assume it will also work with Fedora 17.

First we install x11vnc using "yum install x11vnc".

Having done that, we invoke


and enter a password that a user will have to supply in order to access
the desktop.

Next, we create a directory ~/scripts (if it is not already present) and
create the following script in it: start_vnc_server.

The contents of start_vnc_server are as follows:

x11vnc -noshm -many -bg -rfbauth ~/.vnc/passwd -display :0

The file permissions on start_vnc_server must allow it to be executed.

Next we invoke


and add to the start list the script we just built. The simplest name to use in "start vnc server", but the name is entirely arbitrary. This name simply and conveniently tells you what the script is going to do.

Now, when we log into the machine, we start the server automatically and we will be able to use the remove desktop viewer in order to access the desktop on the machine with this server running. The access will be password protected. The password is kept in encrypted form in the vnc password file in ~/.vnc/passwd so that no one else can readily obtain it.