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2nd December 2004, 03:26 PM
Hey everyone. Well this is my first post here and I think I'm going to like this forum.

Well basically I guess I could start with what we are getting into here. I work for a company as their web developer and we are going to be getting into inhouse hosting. Well its not really going to be inhouse, more of having our server at a friends location who has dual burst T1's and generator backups and stuff. We don't have that and I doubt we will for a while. But what I'm getting at is I need to build a web server. So I narrowed it down to Fedora 3.

Now I am a Windows guy (please keep reading... :) and I really have fooled around with Linux. But I have been wanting to get into it for a while. So I am very new at Linux and I have probably fooled around with Linux for about 30 minutes total and that wasn't even in the shell, but in the GUI. I think it was Redhat 9.

What I am curious about is setting up this web server. I have heard from a few people that with Fedora you really have to set it up right from the beginning or you will get into trouble. So I was curious if anyone knows any good walkthroughs or tutorials on setting up Fedora 3 to act like a web server. Also if anyone has any advice on special things to do on installation or configuration that will help too that would be great :)

I was also curious about setting up the server to run email. The server itself will run about 3 or 4 sites that right now get about 200 unique visits a day but those numbers are steadily climbing. Would it be able to run email, and act as a web server ok?

I heard that PHP and MySQL can be included in the installation. Is that true?

Thanks in advance for your help :)


2nd December 2004, 05:12 PM
Welcome aboard!

My advice is to have a test machine to learn with. Document what you do to make it work how you want, then roll this knowledge over to your production machine.

I really don't think Fedora is any different from other OSs in respect to setting it up right the first time. In fact, I think with Fedora, you can beat the OS up pretty good and still get back to a working system easier than you could with Windows.

With the Fedora distributions, there are tons of applications and server services and you can run as many of them at once as your hardware can handle. You even have choices over the individual services you run. You can use the basic sendmail or postfix for email, Apache or Tux for web, plus you have free access to tens of thousands of other OpenSource applications and services to choose from. PHP, MySQL and lots, lots more are in the basic distribution, but you certainly don't have to settle for these or spend money to get something else.

Get you a running system and poke around a bit. There is lots of documentation installed under /usr/share/doc/. You have the online manuals (man and info). And do search FedoraForum (http://www.fedoraforum.org/forum/search.php?) for specifics.