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billybob linux
8th October 2012, 04:46 PM
Today I installed Fedora 18 Beta TC2 x86_64 LXDE (last modified 4 Oct).This was my experience of the install. I had an existing F18 installation and I had similar issues that others have already noted with the disc installation

However, usually before I do a clean install, I zero write the whole disc, using a disc utility from floppy (I have a floppy drive on this desktop) so I have a clean disc to work with. I did not do this on this occasion on the first attempt but I did before my second attempt. That resolved any disc issues and the whole disc was available for the installation.
Keyboard "options" did not show any other available options for the keyboard, however i configured the setting after I installed. Also during the installation I had some SELinux errors, five in all , these were all related to "usr/bin/python 2.7" and I ignored all these errors.

After the installation, updates went smoothly and I am now running that version. :)

10th October 2012, 06:42 AM
"Keyboard "options" did not show any other available options for the keyboard"

you have to press the little + button to add a new layout. although in TC2 this will cause the installer to crash =) it's fixed in TC3.