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6th October 2012, 02:11 AM
Hi all, I am relatively new to Fedora and I'm experiencing some extremely annoying window behaviour in my fresh install of F17 x64/ Gnome 3. I have also used Fedora Utils for some basic tweaks, but this behaviour was apparent even just after install.

First, the activities panel/ taskbar is NOT active at all times. For instance, whenever I open a new window/ application, a mouse hover in the activities corner will take me to the activities menu, which is really pretty and seems functional. However, whenever I actually start using a window (say Firefox or Chrome) the activities menu becomes deactivated and clicking on activities or moving the mouse to the upper left corner has no effect. :confused: At this point, a right click on the Chrome/ Firefox toolbar will somehow wake up the activities menu, which will resume working normally (until I start using the window again).

To make matters worse, once opened, certain windows refuse to be closed at all (system settings for instance). Once this happens, clicking on the close button has no effect, alt-tab seems to switch to another window, but the original window will remain active. Once this happens mouse clicks on a firefox page will continue to activate system settings options, which act as though they are in the foreground). At this point, there is nothing short of restarting my computer (Alt-f2 has no effect) that can restore system functionality.

I should also mention that clicking on restricted drivers has no effect (nothing happens), add/remove software seems to be resolving dependencies but does not actually install anything, and much, much more... Bur for now, I want to first figure out this basic window behaviour...


Smoking Tux
6th October 2012, 08:22 AM
add/remove software seems to be resolving dependencies but does not actually install anything
Maybe that's the original problem. If 'add/remove software' isn't working at all, first try to update your system using yum, before searching for the other issues..

6th October 2012, 10:49 AM
Do you have any Gnome extensions that might contribute to the strange behaviour?
I do sometimes also experience what you describe (the part about the mouse no longer activating the panel, but only on one of my systems).
For me it only seems to happen with VirtualBox and most of the time reloading the shell fixes it.