View Full Version : Fedora 17 laptop Spotify under wine pegs CPU

3rd October 2012, 04:55 PM
Two fairly identical computers both running Fedora 17 x86_64 and both running
spotify under wine with the same build of Spotify (

One computer is a homebuilt desktop with a RAID array.

The other is a laptop with an SSD disk.

Both have intel i7 processors.

When I run spotify on the desktop the CPU utilization is fine, the CPU temp is fine.

On the laptop however, CPU temp goes up to about 70 degrees C, the fan comes on,
CPU utilization is over 20% and if you click on system monitor you see alternate cores
going up to 100% - in essence taking turns getting pegged by spotify.

The only difference that I can immediately relate this to is the SSD drive on the laptop.

But even that doesn't make too much sense as if the computer were I/O bound why
would that peg the CPU?

Any thoughts? Things to try or look at?