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30th September 2012, 04:45 AM
Hi all.

I used to use "Stardraw Control" to design applications for tablets. The program has multiple functions, it has:

Visual Form editor (This is where you make the screen look like the user would see it, and assigning calls for sub routines for things like "on click" "On Double click" etc.

Visual system editor (This is where you add "devices" eg the tablet you are holding, a video projector, a media server, motor controllers, light dimmers etc. you then place scripts in these and link the bits of equipment with the ports you have assigned to them (eg serial, customer hardware cards, usb, ethernet...)

In the end, the user can click a button push a fader etc. the program will then spit out command strings through the ports assigned (over wifi / blue tooth what ever) to make the end devices do what you want.

I used to have a version which I paid for it ran on win XP and the end machine license had a VERY small price. Now the software is ukp950 and each stand alone machine license is ukp300. this is ok for big mansions, but larger comercial installs it is getting very expensive :(

I am looking for an open source equivilent. IT DOES NOT have to be ONE program. I am not fussed what language it uses for the scripting or programming. I would like it to use *nix for the OS.

Any help is appreciated.