View Full Version : I'm not setting Evolution up right.

One Way Dave
28th September 2012, 03:11 PM
I have Evolution installed and working, kinda. When I open Evolution, I am asked to give the IMAP password for user on mail.user.com.

I type in the password I use to login to my mail account on my website, and it continues to ask for the password. If I cancel that message, Evolution opens and indicates I am logged in but incorrectly lists all my folders as empty.

If I try to send mail, I get the following error message.

An error occurred while sending. How do you want to proceed?

The reported error was "RCPT TO <igfiddles@hotmail.com> failed: ([xxx.xxx.x.x]) [xx.x.xxx.xx]:xxxxx is currently not permitted to relay through this server.".

I have used my ISP recommended settings and can't figure where I'm missing something. No google results matchs this either.