View Full Version : FC2: GNOME keyboard workspace switching

31st May 2004, 05:44 PM
Under RH9 (GNOME 2.2) I could use the standard keys (<alt><ctr><up> and so on) to switch between workspaces. There was a little navigational box that showed up in the center of the screen to help keep me from getting lost. I would have thought that I would be expected to know my way around my own computer, but since it disappeared as soon as I released the keys I didn't think much of it.

Under FC2 (GNOME 2.6), this little box doesn't go away when I release the keys. I have to dismiss it with another key press or mouse click. This is, like, incredibly annoying - not to mention a serious workflow disruption for someone who likes workspaces as much as I do. Is there a way to beat this thing into submission and restore the old behavior - or just get rid of it altogether?


ps: This is on a Thinkpad T41.