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16th July 2012, 04:45 AM
I recently installed F17 onto a USB flash drive so that I can plug it into my laptop any time I need to and, you know, use Fedora.

However, the UI seems to be a bit... akward. And I don't mean that I have a pixel bothering me, but rather that the DPI seems to be applied differently in different pieces of different apps.

(Links changed to hxxp as I can't post links/images due to account age...)

* This is interesting as both the window title (top-right of the screenshot), the application icon and window pin (top-left), and the webpage render at what appears to be a visually correct size, but the other parts of the UI (menu bar, tabs, URL bar) are all much larger than they should be.

* Again, we have a lot of properly sized widgets (all of the buttons!), but the bottom 1/3 of the image shows that some other UI controls and fonts are absolutely not working properly.

* As with the first one, the top of the window is sized properly, it is everything else that isn't.

I've verified that my display is being seen properly:

$ xdpyinfo | grep -B2 res
screen #0:
dimensions: 1920x1080 pixels (341x191 millimeters)
resolution: 143x144 dots per inch

And yes, it is reading my display properly.

Given that this is happening on both GTK and KDE based apps, any ideas why this is happening, and where/how I could fix it?

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Okay, figured it out. It's a hack, but it works.


Once the fonts were forced to 96DPI, stuff started working properly.