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25th November 2004, 12:31 AM
Okay so I have a new installation of Fedora Core 3, I installed the latest nvidia drivers and most of the time when a screensaver comes on the system locks up. So I have disabled screensavers. Now periodically the system still locks, and I have to speculate this is all video related. But I used to depend on my linux box to stay booted while I was at work, now I have had to switch to windows. Is anyone else experiencing these issues? Furthermore I have not been able to get yum to do a single thing with my new load of 3. I have seen forum posts on the subject and placed a lot of new repo files to no avail. I am not writing this to complain, but to see if I am alone in having a not-so-great fedora core 3 experience.

25th November 2004, 12:40 AM
I have had no stability issues with FC3 and nvidia drivers. It's running perfectly well. Haven't updated my kernel since the install though.

What kernel are you running?

25th November 2004, 02:22 AM

Does your problem only happen when a "gl" screensaver comes up? I had similar issues with FC2 before the 3D driver supproting the 4K kernel was available and had to disable all "gl' screensavers until it was available. With FC3, I have not had any of those issues, but have had difficulties with getting user permissions for the video card and the nVIDIA drivers due to some of the SELinux changes in FC3. Most of these are attributable to the fact that I boot to runlevel 3 instead of runlevel 5 and do not use the rhgb graphical boot.

Check the permissions on your /dev/nvidia* files and make sure that they are all "666" If they aren't then there is a /etc/udev/50-udev.permissions.d directory which contains nvidia* files. Chmod those to "0666" and then you may be alright. Otherwise it will change the permissions on your /dev/nvidia* and your /etc/udev/nvidia* files at each reboot.

FC3 is very different in many respects from all previous FC and RH releases and is keeping me on my toes trying to get used to the new stuff.

Good luck,

Jim Dishaw