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4th April 2012, 03:54 PM
I just installed Fedora 17 in a virtual machine and everything went smooth until I did a yum update and rebooted. Since after a fresh install there were a quite large amount of updates (grabbed the live cd from the fedoraproject front page).

I get the welcome screen, but cannot login with my user anymore, all I get is authentification failure, but I am able to login with the same user in a virtual terminal.

I changed password for my user but still cannot login to gnome.

I created a new user and am able login to gnome-shell with the new one, but it would be interesting to know what ever happened with my first user.

Any ideas?

Update: I realize now that I have trouble using sudo as well, even though my user is in the wheel. It worked for a while, now it is authentification failure again.

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So, today it is a different story. I am now unable to login to a gnome-shell session, but when trying to use sudo somehow something won't accept my password.
Yet worse is that now I cannot log in to a virtual terminal with my normal user.
I can login as root though.

The only thing I did was to install the system and do an update.
I haven't added any funky repositories or fiddled around in /etc or anything like that.
Just plain installation.

Added first user graphically on first boot, when unable to login with that user I added second user with useradd and finally deleted first user.

I am now on my third user :)

Hopefully the whole thing will be resolved with an update.

Edit: When writing on this forum the screen was locked in Fedora and I was prompted for my user password.
Did I get in?

10th April 2012, 01:29 PM
Strange. As long as I don't delete the previous user, the new one is working ok, and has all permissions as expected, but if I remove the first one (since it's rather useless anyway) the second one starts acting strange and I have to create yet a new one. So I guess the solution is to keep the user that has been robbed for its permissions, just in order to keep the new one safe.

Yeah, probably should file a bug report about this but I'm kind of uncertain how to present the problem. Don't really know what could be the problem, and also I cannot really find other users facing the same problem so I guess it could just be me having done some strange mistake (which I'm quite sure I never did, but anyway..).