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18th March 2012, 01:41 AM
Okay so I decided to try Fedora as my linux Distro, and I have to admit I really love it. I have primarily spent my whole PC career in windows or Mac. So I am new to Linux. I have friends at work that tell me so much about OpenSUSE and Ubuntu, but after spending some time reading I like the Fedora community so I installed Fedora 15. So far I have been off and running with few problem that I did not get resolved, but then there was the integrated chat problem I just ran into.

I am not sure what the integrated chat client is in Fedora 15 but when I click in the upper right corner I see there is definately chat that is there. Then I went to the control center, clicked Messaging and VoIP Accounts, and saw that my google account info is already there. This I thought was pretty sweet until I saw that it was offline.

I am not sure how to get it to connect to gtalk. Can someone please tell me with a good explanation (remember I am new to Linux) how to get this built in chat client to work with gtalk accounts? I have searched all over the web, but I cannot find much on getting this to work (this could be because I do not know the name of the built in chat client or how to find out the name of it). Anyway the help would be greatly appreciated.

18th March 2012, 01:06 PM
The name of the built-in chat client is Empathy - you can run it from the activities menu.
You should be able to set the online status from the menu on the upper right corner - but you can also do it from inside Empathy, by going to the Accounts dialog box.

You should consider upgrading to Fedora 16, since it is been here for quite some months and already includes GNOME 3.2, which is a more feature-rich version than version 3.0 (which is the one Fedora 15 has...).

Manuel Marques

Gareth Jones
18th March 2012, 11:02 PM
Yes, GNOME 3.2 (F16) has improved chat integration (and on-line accounts in general – Google login details can be used for the calendar, email, Docs, etc. in addition to chat). F15/GNOME 3.0's support for on-line accounts was a new feature and still a bit flaky, so you're probably best running Empathy directly if you have difficulties with it.

19th March 2012, 01:08 AM
Actually, when I used F15 with integrated chat, it did work quite well. So, hopefully, you will not encounter too many problems either. But, as others have mentioned, I would recommend moving to F16 - for me, GNOME 3.2 is definitely more stable than GNOME 3.0 (F15) - crashes much less often.

19th March 2012, 04:33 AM
Well I'll try F16 then. I seen it the other day but I did not know how stable it was. Anyway thanks for the help and explanations. I will take the advice and move to F16.