View Full Version : Sysinfo for test :)

18th November 2004, 11:42 PM
Few days ago I made this simple program.. mainly because I was bored :rolleyes:
It displays some system info like: kernel version, release, some cpu/mem info and uptime.

I used C++ for implementation, gtkmm2 for GUI.
I wanted to write it in plain GTK, but I like the c++ interface to GTK.
The code is not written the "best way" it can be optimized I guess.
But the program can do no harm.

The only thing I don't like is that gtkmm2 and libsigc++ is not installed in any fedora installation.

So you need to install 'gtkmm2' and 'libsigc++' rpms to run the program.
To compile you need 'gtkmm2-devel' and 'libsigc++-devel'
I really don't like that :(

The tarball contains souce code and my compiled version on FedoraCore3
I tested it only on Fc3, so please report if it works on Fc1/2 or any other distribution.

Try it out.