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28th November 2011, 08:51 PM
Tip for migrating kjots books to Fedora 16

After working on this for an hour, I developed a solution for migrating older KDE kjots books into the new Fedora 16 KDE kjots program, using a migration command created for this purpose by the KDE development team. Here are the steps:

1. Before upgrading Fedora, back up each kjots book: select or make a backup directory (for example, in a terminal, type the following command on a thumbdrive subdirectory of your choice that you read/write permission. You can use a networked hard drive, cdrom, USB harddrive, SD Card, or any read/write medium that your computer supports.): mkdir kjotsbackup) run kjots application, then select one book, then use menu option "export" and choose "book" format and type a single word name that identifies the "book" file you are exporting. Do this for each kjots book.

2. After upgrading Fedora, run kontact or kjots, accept KDE's migration of old data. Allow this to complete. Run kjots and see if your old kjots books were imported, if completed successfully, you are done. If you do not see your old kjots books, proceed to the next step.

3. Copy your old kjots books (from thumbdrive or other backup device) to the following directory on your home subdirectory: ~/.kde/share/apps/kjots and then verify that the files transferred. You might need to make each of the sub-directories, using a terminal application (for example, konsole or gnome-terminal), complete each line by pressing the "enter" button on your keyboard to execute the command:

mkdir ~/.kde
mkdir ~/.kde/share
mkdir ~/.kde/share/apps
mkdir ~/.kde/share/apps/kjots

4. Change to the ~/.kde/share/apps/kjots subdirectory in a terminal:

cd ~/.kde/share/apps/kjots

5. Run kjots migration program in the same terminal under the above named sub-directory (~/.kde/share/apps/kjots):

kjotsmigrator --interactive

You will notice a dialog box appears and confirms the migration of your kjots books. Finally, switch to your kjots program and verify that your old kjots books have been successfully migrated to Fedora 16.

Enjoy using your kjots books! And, remember to regularly back up these files for future use and store the backups in a safe place.

Brian Armstrong
Using Linux since January, 1998

To KDE kjots Fedora team: the kjots import option is missing from the current version for x86-64 bit Fedora 16. Please reinstate this menu option, it will help people create or restore files within kjots.

30th January 2012, 11:24 PM
migrate to where ?
is one akonadi resource ?