View Full Version : CUPS: Unable to start filter "pstocapt3"

16th November 2011, 06:17 PM

I tried to install a CANON LBP6000 printer.
I installed cups using yum and added the printer in cups webfrontend (with ppd file (CNCUPSLBP6018CAPTK.ppd) from canon.de)

By trying to print a page, i get this error:


[16/Nov/2011:17:56:51 +0100] [Job 8] Unable to start filter "pstocapt3" - No such file or directory.
[16/Nov/2011:17:56:51 +0100] [Job 8] Stopping job because the scheduler could not execute a filter.
[16/Nov/2011:18:01:52 +0100] [Job 8] Stopping unresponsive job!

I tried finding the file (find / -name pstocapt3) but nothing shows up.

Thanks in advance

David Batson
17th November 2011, 02:07 AM
That file is part of the Canon CAPT printer driver. You probably want to install the following, delete your existing printer in CUPS, then reinstall the printer in CUPS choosing the downloaded driver.