View Full Version : [Solved] fc15/Xfce accessing Windows network with thunar

20th October 2011, 11:44 AM
I recently switched from Gnome to Xfce and I had having trouble configuring Xfce to be able to browse Windows Network using samba.
I found out that many tricks that you can grab around are outdated now.

So here is what you have to do :

1) be sure that port 137/udp and port 138/udp are opened (requested for samba-client to work)
2) install package samba-client
3) check that you can browse your PC running windows with name "WINDOWS-PC" :
smbclient -L \WINDOWS-PC -U username
4) here is the trick with thunar (this step was not necessary with Gnome and Nautilus) :
yum install gvfs-smb
5) open thunar and type smb://WINDOWS-PC to browse the directory

I think that probably steps 2) and 3) are not necessary for thunar to work...
No need to say that you don t need to install samba package. samba is needed only if you want Windows machines to browse your linux directory...