View Full Version : NETDEV WATCHDOG eth0 timeout problem

16th November 2004, 11:54 AM
I have installed a fresh Fedore Core 3 on an
AMD64 System. In this system I have also
loaded asterisk (the soft pbx). Sometimes
the systems locks ups (network) completely
for less than a minute, and in /var/log/messages
and /var/log/dmesg shows the message
NETDEV WATCHDOG: eth0 timeout
If i put the eth0 in promiscuous mode
(for example with tdpdump) then there
is no problem. This happens only when
the system tries to communicate with
cisco routers (cisco 3640 and cisco 2650xm)
and when I tried ftp of large files (upload/download)
there was no problem.

The system is an MSI K8Neo Platinum
board with an AMD64-3000 cpu and
512MB of RAM. The NIC in question
is the onboard Nvidia 1Gb ethernet
controller. The system is also occupied
with other three (3) network cards
3c905 beginning with pci slot next to agp.
It was installed with Fedora core 3
for x86_64 and updated till the latest

If anyone cangive me a clue
I would highly appreciated it.

Sincerely yours