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27th September 2011, 03:36 AM
I have gotten the screen to work... kind of. The y-coord is accurate but the x-coord is wrong the top to bottom is correct but the side to side is only covering the left 75% of the screen. It is behaving as if it is only a 4:3 ratio. I am currently running fc12 with the 1.3 driver so I think I will upgrade to fc15 with the current driver. I will post the /etc/serial.conf file and my xorg.conf.

/dev/ttyS0 uart 16550A port 0x06a8 irq 4 baud_base 38400 spd_normal skip_test

# Xorg configuration created by system-config-display

Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier "single head configuration"
Screen 0 "Screen0" 0 0
InputDevice "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"
InputDevice "Tablet"

Section "InputDevice"
# keyboard added by system-config-display
Identifier "Keyboard0"
Driver "kbd"
Option "XkbModel" "pc105+inet"
Option "XkbLayout" "us"

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier "Tablet"
Driver "fpit"
Option "Device" "/dev/ttyS0"
Option "AlwaysCore" "on"
Option "MaximumXPosition" "10240"
Option "MaximumYPosition" "7680"
Option "MinimumXPosition" "00"
Option "MinimumYPosition" "400"
Option "InvertY"
# Option "SwapXY"
Option "TrackRandR" "on"
Option "ZAxisMapping" "4 5 6 7"
Option "SendCoreEvents" "true"
Section "Device"
Identifier "Videocard0"
Driver "intel"

Section "Screen"
Identifier "Screen0"
Device "Videocard0"
DefaultDepth 24
SubSection "Display"
Viewport 0 0
Depth 24

29th September 2011, 03:14 AM
Update: Installed FC15 with fpit 1.3.99. At first X would crash when I got the pen near the screen. That stopped seemingly of its own accord. Now the TOUCHSCREEN is listed as a floating slave. I am lost everything is set the same as it was before and yet it isn't working. I really don't want to have to install windows xp tablet. Will anyone help?