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22nd September 2011, 10:11 PM
I am certainly no fan of Gnome 3; I despise it. That said, when I click "Activities" all my running apps shrink to nicely sized (static) windows in my work-space while all the sidebars appear.

Months later (today) I realized this and said, "I could live with that!!" and began re-sizing my app 'windows' to get all 4 on the screen simultaneously. It was then I realized what has 'torqued' me about Fedora for all these years - it can't be done.

I got Evolution down to about 1/3 its size, aiming for 1/4. While the 'window' itself (and internal panes) re-sized, the developer didn't get any deeper into the details - they did not scale icon sizes, font sizes, often textbox sizes, column widths, etc. Evolution at 1/3 size is virtually useless. I checked other apps - same thing: assumption that everyone would always be happy with big fonts in little windows (i.e. - they'd NEVER want to watch more than one pane at a time). No one completed the scaling "details". Arrrgh!

For ~10 years I have been pushing (Fedora) Linux to my freinds relatives. I abhor Windows for a list of reasons, largely economical and political, and 7-10 years ago converted all the household network to Fedora. But even "they" dealt with this scaling issue (that is likely now a formula in an INCLUDE file during compile).

My hope/dream is that someone here is going to shoot me down and say, "You doap! You didn't change {some setting}". I welcome that enlightenment. I would love to be stupid and get this working here

23rd September 2011, 07:49 AM
you can reduce the font size by installing 'gnome-tweak-tool'.but the text box and column width are tough... i tried editing the xml file and had it for a while but then it reverted back to old big boxes after an update.

24th September 2011, 09:00 AM
How has "Windows dealt with this scaling issue"?
I can't think of any system that does what you describe (other than css but that does it in a very elementary manner)...

24th September 2011, 10:39 PM
I stand corrected! Windoze isn't much different, though I could swear a few years ago in XP ... oh, well. Thanks for the wake up call.