View Full Version : Set default sound device.

23rd August 2011, 02:37 PM
I was wondering how I set the default sound device up.

I have an HDMI monitor that has enternal speakers and I have a USB headset.

I mainly use the headset to play games and listen to stuff and only unplug the usb and use the monitor speakers if I want to play something for my wife.

How can I make the USB headset the default for input/output and it swap when I unplug the headset.

It seems to work fine for the most part, but while using the computer I will randomly get system sounds out of my monitor and I have to go into the sound settings and choose usb creative headset again.

Another problem I seem to have is I use a Ventrilo like client called Manger to chat while gaming and it seems to work fine until I install WINE and then it will stop picking up my mic.

I use to have this problem with Ubuntu and never realy resolved it. I heard WINE Pulse fixes that and I also heard that Fedroa's WINE comes with pulse built in so I am not sure. The newest version of WINE no longer requires WINEPulse, but I cannot figure out how to get it installed.

Thanks in advance for any help.