View Full Version : xfce, fc14 reboots after desktop login

16th August 2011, 09:02 PM
I'm running fc14 with xfce4. I have an active directory (local cache) user account I login to it with, and a local account. Whenever I use the ad account to login the desktop, the system reboots after loading the desktop. I hadn't changed or installed anything when this started happening, but I had been locked out of my ad account. I had to login with the local account, then use my vpn connection to connect to our domain controller, and login with the active directory account. Then at some point, the system locked up so I did a soft reset, and now whenever I try to login with the ad account, it just reboots before loading the desktop.

I'm running

The problem does not occur if I login through a terminal or su to the active directory account. How can I find out what is causing the reboot?

Thank you!